Sitemap Generator Online Free

Best part about this Online Sitemap Generator is that theoretically there is no limit to number of pages in the site. In other words the limit is the hardware limits of machine on which you execute this tool and the server on which your site resides. Enjoy :)

Creation of sitemap with this tool is three step process where in Step 1 involves you to download the clientaccesspolicy.xml (show above) file and upload it to root of your domain. This will enable access to your site from Step 2 - fill up the form. Step 3 - once the site map is ready you can use Save, which will be enabled when sitemap is ready, to download the zip file which your can unzip and then upload it to server. Further you may want to update robot.txt and submit the url of sitemap or siteindex file to Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc. Note: Silverlight may ask you first time to create space for Isolated Storage, Click OK in that cases. This will let the application create sitemap files in background.

  • Find : is used to search any word/string in url.
  • Replace : is used to replace any the string that was found by Find (above).
  • This feature is used to create sitemap on development machine instead to production / internet machine. This will eliminate load on production server and you can rely on development server to generate sitemaps and the just replace the development domain name with your internet based domain name. For example if your development url is then enter in URL: field and Find: field. And your production server is then enter in Replace: field
  • Speed : is essentially the thread you want to execute while sending request to server. This will enable speedy creation of sitemap
  • Pause Button is useful to pause the request that are been sent to server so that there is no further load on the server. To resume generation of sitemap you need to press the same button (Resume) again.
  • Save Work button can be used to save the current urls that are been identified by the tool so that it can be later used to continue from that point the generation of sitemap. In case your site have millions of URLs this feature is pretty handy to cut down the sitemap generation process in multiple sessions
  • Load Work button can be used to load the previously saved work to continue from that point the generation of sitemap.